Reflecting on the lockdown. How does it feel? Where does the truth lie? What is happening inside? What are the real gifts in this time of great change?

All I could see was a coccoon. All I could sense was a dissolving into darkness. Surreneder to the unknown, in the abyss of fear and beauty.

As I laid pen to paper, the image emerged. The words flowed. And sure enough, the following days days that lead on from here, on social media and in the echos of talking people, all I could hear was reflections of this lockdown being a period of coccooning … Yes. this is indeed what it is.

Mother Earth carries us
And I don’t know what we will look like
When we emerge from the darkness
In which we dissolve.

Please wait
While we reform our bodies,
Heal, cleanse,

Hold still to feel
The tiniest motion
Of transformation calling in your veins
As you melt.

Dissolving in the shadows
New vessels are formed
Created in liquid wisdom,
New wings.

Wait. Please wait,
There is enough time to emerge
In silence.

May we all grow
In a space of love and nurture.
Learn to spread our true wings
Given my nature.
Stand strong by her side,
Bow to the humbleness of life
Break free, gain strength

Much love ❤
Hazel Evans


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