In September 2019 I began drawing for myself again. I felt called to put myself on the page once more, because whenever I do this, it always tells me something deeper about myself, and it was time to go inside using the creative process as a guide once more. 

Some might call it intuition, some might call it channelling … for me it’s a way of connecting to something greater than myself, to tell me more about myself and the world around me. A mirror of my inner and outer landscapes.

The selfportrait took me on a deep inner journey, surrendering to where the pen wanted to take me as visions flowed into me.

It took me on a journey through fear, and illumination. I felt myself dying. Tears flowed as I drew, watching the illustration emmerge.

I sat and stared at it for a long time. Letting it resonate through me. Then all of a sudden I had visions of other women and knew I had to share this process with them, for them.

So I give my ego over. The one that wants to be seen, the one that wants to be acknowledged, the one that wants to produce the masterpiece. This project is a journey of service. To listen, open and share what wants to come through to be seen and heard. A greater wisdom beyond and veils of ego … and so the Soul Prophecy Collection began.

So far there are 15 illustrations on this journey. Each one reveals more about the woman I am creating for, as well as being a mirror to my self and an offering to the collective. It’s a beautiful process and I will be documenting the workings behind each piece here on this blog.

I wonder what will happen when / if the day arrives that I have 52 illustrations? 4 cycles of 13. Perfect for an oracle deck. What if I can lay them all out before me and listen deeply to what they want from me? Is there a position or group for each soul prophecy illustration? Will they take me to another level of understanding why I am doing this? … I just keep taking the path, one line at a time… this what I offer…

No.15 Soul Prophecy Illustration

 Remember Love.
Stirring messages
As you Awaken
In your secret garden
Of the heart.

You are love.
Given to the light
Showered in grace
Surrendered pure spirit
Alive and dancing

Thriving pulsing energy
Deeply rooted
In the pathways
Of your journey
Your beauty
Shining through all you create

Blessed flower
Woven from ancient wisdom
Into new light
Welcoming your petals
With delight. 

Find out more about this illustration journey / project here:



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