My creative expression comes from deep within me. It flows from source, through the inner and outer landscapes of my mind, body and soul.

My encounters and experiences, dreams and distresses, joys and journeys provide inspiration for me to embody my story and express my deepest self.

And yet the art I create is so much bigger than my own experience.

When we connect into the innate source of inspiration and feel pulled into action by a vision or a feeling, we tune into the universe. The vastness of creation, the ecstatic delight of cosmic play, the sense of being one pulsing filament in a web of infinite creation, expression and interpretation.

Artist, viewer, writer, reader… all of us are divine creators of our own experience.

My deepest desire is for the expression I share here to spark inspiration in you…

… to feel the call to take off any masks that veil expressing yourself freely, and raise your voice to share your authentic truth. Your story matters. Your life is your own masterpiece. Delight in the power that it brings you as walk your path as creation itself, in response to life and ultimately the only thing that matters, love. 

I am starting this blog to share insights behind my work and the creative processes. How the art is a journal, turning the inside world outwards, exhibiting the workings of one human’s internal experiences. Connection. Vision. Expansion. Diving into the realms of creation.

Then sit back, wait and observe until … ‘Ah, okay … that’s what’s hapening inside of me, these are the stories and messages that are revealing themselves to me.’ And ask, how can I serve life with this? How can I offer this, so others may find insipration in their own lives?

Photograph taken during my Artist Residency at Lighthouse Centre for the Arts, Poole, UK – by Craig Coady


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