And here she is the second beauty for this week.

I’m exactly halfway now – Yihhoo!! Yes, it feels like a celebration, yet there is still quite some path still to go…

What is also very powerful about this journey is the sharing with women afterwards. It’s wonderful to see how connected we can be through this process and the magic and synchronicities that emerge as we share our journey together… I am still amazed by it each time, how we are sharing the same/similar themes, visions and messages.

I feel so grateful to have the trust of the women to allow me to bring this all out in the work. It truly is a process of trust as well, like I said right at the beginning, trust in each other as this work is more than just drawing a nice picture.

It touches on a classic wounding of women to want our portraits to look beautiful, this is so visible in the whole selfie thing (yes I do it too 😉 ) But I have to let this go and just follow what wants to be revealed. The lines of my drawings melt and blend into different forms and what wants to be revealed shows itself.

This is how we are, here and now. There is light and there is dark and all of this is part of the wisdom of beauty of all that we are.

For me, there is a purity in working with white paper and black ink. Keeping it simple. The play between light and dark. Then when I bring in the red, I really feel like navigating where the life force wants to highlight parts of the drawing. The blood of the image that brings it alive. Maybe I’ll write more about this another time.

So, for now, we have this next portrait. A mermaid spirit, that when I saw it I thought, ‘is it really this obvious?’ for this woman, but as we have shared all is becoming revealed at how perfect it all is.


The Mermaid ~A Path To Wholeness

❤ ... and the love we hold inside 
Is so much stronger
Than anything we could have ever known
When we were standing alone.

Welcome sister

Together we emerge from the deepest ocean
Wide open freedom
To feel the sunlight

Transforming between realms
In awe of the beauty of the land
The gifts she brings
With her sweet aromas
Of love
Of body
Sacred sensuality
Of being able to walk this earth

We cross oceans to meet
The seas
The rivers
We flow 
We are one.
Mermaid. The Path To Wholeness. Sometimes we stop and listen enough, through the silence of the deep ocean space, to realise we were here all along.

I am walking my own path with this journey, seeing who appears next, and it is fascinating, among all the women I have encountered in my life, seeing who is appearing. I am also amazed by the women who step in and commission a portrait, at the perfect time along the path.

It is like I am walking in the woods then all of a sudden a new woman appears and we have a magical encounter that brings unexpected gifts.

Thank you to all women so far who are part of this expanding circle of women ❤

If you are in the woods and I don’t see you yet, waiting for the right time to reveal yourself, I still have about half the commission places available, if you want to step in for the next half of the journey. Get in touch when you feel the call, I will love to see who you are.

Much love ❤

Lieve Hazel, dank dat ik samen met jou deze reis mag maken om het vervolgens met de wereld te delen. De magie van sychroniciteit, de ontbrekende puzzelstukjes in mezelf die op zijn plek vallen, het plezier dit allemaal met jouw te delen. Het doorvoelen, dieper en dieper van de ware betekenis. Dank je wel dat ik zo zichtbaar mag zijn ❤. Hallo wereld kijk mee!

Dear Hazel, thank you for taking this trip with you and sharing it with the world. The magic of sychronicity, the missing puzzle pieces in myself that fall into place, the pleasure of sharing all this with you. The feeling, deeper and deeper of the true meaning. Thank you for being so visible ❤. Hello world watch!


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