I am almost at the centre point of the Soul Prophecy illustration and oracle project and it seems like a whole new energy is coming in.

Something new is calling… stirring.

It’s been about 6 weeks since the last portrait. Two souls have been in line waiting to emerge, despite this long time-lapse, and then a new woman came in and it felt like this portrait needed to be completed before the others … everything is shifting.

Ten ago months I started, and the process is getting stronger.

After the Flower of Life Temple drawing the other day, Soul Prophecy energy has come flooding into me like a tsunami and with it a huge sense of love, beauty and gratitude for everything that is emerging. In the images and in life. I have been in creative ceremony for the last 3 days as new portraits run through me and the circle of women expands. They come in, bringing their wisdom, beauty and love.

Here below No. 25:

❤ Butterfly Heart

The heart is the gateway
To transformation
Thank you for choosing
The sacred path
Your sacred path
To return home
To the truth of who you are

Follow the vines
And let the light come in
Keep the waters clear
And the fires pure
To manifest your new sovereign wings
Alchemist that you are

Let the flow of acceptance embrace you
Change is happening
On all streams of consciousness
Blood and bone
The time is now
Allow yourself to be reformed

You can see it
You can hear it
You can feel it

Send your intentions into your dreams
Visions into the fire
Surrender into the water
Release into your body 

Let it be whispered in every breath
You will be heard.

Let your beauty be known.

This diamond will cut like a sword of truth
All else will fall away
As new flowers emerge
This is the effect of the butterfly heart.


COMMISSION:I opened up 13 places for women to feel the call to commission and join me on a journey as I create their portrait. As I reach about halfway in the project, I also have about half of these places left. When you feel the call, I will love to welcome you on this journey.

Much love Hazel ❤


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